Aqua Fit Sunday, June 20, 2021



Aqua Fit for Sunday, June 20, 2021

Join Magalie, specialty licensed Aqua Zumba instructor, this summer for an invigorating workout in the pool.  


AQUA Fit consists of unique moves to low impact water tempo for a complete body toning workout. It’s the perfect combination of a workout without the harsh impact on joints and muscles.

 AQUA FIT is an excellent workout for the heart, muscles, joints, body and mind. Aqua Fit is the ultimate stress busting exercise that releases anxiety while improving your health and mood. Water creates natural resistance while you enjoy all the natural benefits of the water and outdoor environment. 

Why not burn calories while having fun in the water to the perfect songs!

Ready for a little summer splashing, stretching and smiling during your workout?


No previous experience required/ instructor led class

Age :  18 and up 

Class length : 45 minutes  

Schedule: Sunday’s 10:00-10:45am

Location: SOS pool 

* class will be canceled in event of inclement weather.  Register online to be notified in case of cancellation 


What to bring : water bottle, towel and a bathing suit suitable for water movement, sunscreen and a mermaid attitude !

Water shoes are optional. 


Reservations available on ForeTees. 

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