Splash and Stretch at the Pool 8 07 2022 Sunday, August 7, 2022


Splash and Stretch at the Pool 8 07 2022 for Sunday, August 7, 2022

Make the most of summer by enjoying an outdoor class in a pool reserved just for your wellness!  
*Pool reserved just for class use, no one else will be there yet ;-) 
Working out in the water is the best way to gain cardiovascular stamina, improve strength and flexibility, enhance body contours, increase circulation, rehabilitate healing muscles, and improve your stretch.
Join Magalie, specialty licensed Aqua instructor, for a light hearted, welcoming pool class consisting of upbeat tunes and fun moves. Perfect for beginners and those recovering from injuries as this is a low impact water class easy on joints and muscles.
Limited time only so save your spot for some ‘Me’ time under the blue skies and beautiful morning sunlight 🌞
A special summer low impact, feel good, get cooled off or just enjoy the sunshine and a heated pool, while stretching and flowing through gentle movement, kind of class. 
Our pool area is beach entry with a large area about hip/chest deep. So you can choose your depth and no 'swimming; required.
No previous experience required/ instructor led class
Age : 14 and up ( no kids please) Class length : 45 minutes Schedule: Sunday’s 10:00-10:45am Location: SOS pool
What to bring : water bottle, towel and a bathing suit suitable for water movement, sunscreen and a mermaid attitude !
Heated pool / outdoor class weather permitting No equipment needed
*In the case of inclement weather, class will be canceled. 

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